Did you check 2023 Spring Collection?

New items are finally here!

Our selection of blazers, the most sought-after item, pants, t-shirts, polos, and shorts ensures you can dress from formal to casual occasions. Before I will introduce them, I would like to talk about their amazing features. 

What are the features of new items? 

1. Comfortableness
All products are exceptionally comfortable and breathable, making them ideal for spring and summer. The combination of cotton, polyester, and elastane, which is stretch fibre, allows for comfort and offers quick dryness and a smooth feel.

2. Trendy colours & designs
This season's trend colours include light blue, beige, pink, and orange, often seen at recent fashion shows and in magazines. Equally fashionable is the "savanna chic" design, which is part of our 2023 Spring Collection. It may seem challenging to integrate diverse, eye-catching hues into an ensemble, but coordinating with denim and chino is quite simple. The timeless and versatile colours which are gray, navy, white, and black are also available.

3. Details
Examining cuffs and buttons reveals meticulous craftsmanship and a meticulous selection of colours. Four-button cuffs and perfect stitching adorn some polos, which additionally feature varying hued buttons. Our polos are composed of interlock cotton, offering a lightweight, supple texture and firm structure. Furthermore, each blazer has three exterior and interior compartments for increased usefulness in various settings.


Where are you able to shop for them?

We have two options for you. One is our online shop. Another option is at retail stores in Canada or the United States. You can find retail stores on this page.

Please don't miss new arrivals and find your style! If you have any questions about sizing, colours, and anything you need, contact us without hesitation. Our customer support team is more than happy to help you!
Thank you for reading!