Tips on colour combinations

Are you struggling with colours?

Would you like to know the basic tips for colour combinations? Today, I would like to introduce the tips for our new items.


First, I would like to recommend trying to decide on a main simple colour. What does that mean exactly? That means, using neutral or monochromatic colours as the main colour because those are very easy to collaborate with other colours. And also, it looks very sophisticated and minimalistic. Let's take a look at an example!

This image above is a great example of how to use a neutral colour. Light grey is a very versatile colour, especially for spring and summer. As we can see, this colour will make a good chemical reaction with a bit darker or strong colour like this below.


Neutral colours such as grey, beige, and navy go well with an accent colour. Taking into liger grey with brown and beige is a perfect combination. Regarding your shoes, you can go for black, dark brown, or white to keep the whole look simple.


Using monochromatic colours is also very helpful to make your spring looks easy. Our new collection has a lot of black and white colours. This look is used by the grey check design very well.

A black shirt and pants are the base of this look and add a grey check and white shoes as the accents.



Even when you use a strong or vivid colour, the idea is the same; decide on the main colour. This blue is vivid, but you can still balance the look with white. You just need to be a little bit careful that the balance of your look is good because of you mix too many colours at the same time, your looks would be too "noisy".

Even warmer colours like pink or orange will be able to make a perfect balance if you use a neutral colour.


I hope you enjoy this article, and please try these tips in your daily life! And I write down the product codes that for items used in the pictures. Please check them from inserted links! 

See you soon and have a good day!

Product codes
- Gray blazer: JBIS23-M2 Grey
- Gray pants: JAKE-S23- M2 Grey

- Beige jacket: 2631.31 Beige
- Gray jacket: 2807.31 Grey

- Blue blazer: JBIS23-M1 Navy
- Blue pants: JAKE-S23-M13 Navy

- Pink polo shirt: KBIS23-M11