Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Do you remember what day June 18th is?

June 18th (Sun) is Father's Day! Did you get a gift for your father? If you're not yet looking for something high-quality clothing, Blue Industry will be a great option. 


Our soft and comfortable blazer is one of the perfect gifts for your dad. Beige, blue, and navy are available. A lighter tone of navy is very versatile for any occasion!

Product: JBIS23-M13 Beige / Blue / Navy

Introducing the perfect combination of style and comfort - the matching pants! Crafted from a blend of polyester and cotton, and these pants provide a comfortable fit with added stretch and flexibility. Pair with your favorite top for an effortless, fashionable look.


Product code: JAKE-S23- M1


Perfect gift for early spring! No limits for casual or formal, with simple denim or slacks pants, but still unique print. Our long sleeves are one the most popular items. Get yours before it's gone! Marine and Sky are available.

 Product code: 2818.31


Polo would also be a good option, especially for the coming season! White is a versatile colour with any pants and shoes. Other Summer-like refreshing colours and designs are also available online. Please search for other options with these tags; #polos #2023spring.

Product: KBIS23-M23

Hope you can find something good for your dad and enjoy the day with them! If you have any questions about delivery or fitting, please reach out to us without hesitation! Thank you for reading and see you soon!